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16 Bars with Reverie


Date: January 25th 2014

Time: 2pm to 5pm

All Ages






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At the B-Side Shop in Covina California , Female MC Reverie Love out of Highland Park Los Angeles spent her Saturday afternoon among aspiring emcees some of which came from as far as Riverside County. The shop’s owner Wackoe hosted the writing workshop titled “The Art of 16 Bars,” which was for serious rappers looking to make the next step and Reverie was the special guest teacher for the class.


The class session began with Wackoe interviewing Reverie followed by an open Q & A session and ending with a sick cypher session.


From the interview it wasn’t only Reverie spreading wisdom about her time in the business. Wackoe also shared advice that he’s gained through experience as a businessman and working in various medias.


With Reverie it was learned how her career began, which is ironic because the rapper started making music only because she wanted to, doing it for herself. She would show songs to a few friends who then encouraged her to continue rapping. To record those songs a young Reverie, who’s now 23, would have to find a way out to Chino, California from Highland Park which is about a 40 mile drive. For a teenager without a car that was no easy task but it was something the she wanted, so after it she went.


An available studio is still a blessing to Reverie who is an independent artist, currently she has access to a studio where she is preparing her seventh release which will be produced entirely by her brother Louden Beats and released through Label 316 in April. Reverie admitted to not taking rapping completely serious until about a year ago with encouraging words from her father which is also ironic. Her father is someone Reverie fans can almost always see at her live shows. he’s a huge supporter of his daughter’s career but as Reverie stated he wasn’t there for her when she was younger, but to not damper the mood Reverie optimistically commented that it was better late then never for her father to come around.


When asked who is her biggest influence when it comes to making music, Reverie declared it was her family and friends because they inspire her. All of Reverie’s lyrics are from real life experiences there is no fabrication, however, if it didn’t happen to Reverie herself it did happen to someone close to her.


When it was Reverie’s turn to takeover the classroom she dropped knowledge on the young hungry minds. She said to use a lot of similes which is comparing two things using the words “like” or “as” and metaphors which she gave examples of. She said to stay away from one syllable rhymes like “cat,” “hat” and “bat” because that is boring. Using multiple syllable words makes for better rhymes and it will be best for the emcees to use a strong vocabulary with words that aren’t too often used and the best way to gain that knowledge is to simply read. Reverie said if one stays on the internet all day long it would be difficult to run across words that are unique so it was her suggestion for everyone to pick up a book that has interesting words so later on they could be incorporated in bars.


As far as bars went, when Reverie put on an instrumental made by her brother Louden Beats titled “Lyrical Madness” for everyone to write to, she explained how to count bars. She admitted that she learned not too long ago how to count bars and it was Hip-Hop rapper and entrepreneur Murs who told Reverie that she needed to learn that aspect of writing .


Right from the beginning Reverie stated that she understood that each of the individuals attending the workshop might have been attending for different reasons which was all okay. She was thankful by everyone in attendance and honestly shocked that a lot of the participants showed up early for the workshop.


As a token of her appreciation she signed composition notebooks given out to the young talents from Wackoe and also gave everyone copies of her latest CD the ”Wool Gathering EP” and her previously released fully loaded with 22 tracks, ”The Transition” Mixtape.


Be on the lookout for new music from Reverie. As part of Label 316 she participated in a cypher that can be found on Her new album will be released with the help of rapper Murs’ Label 316. The project is expected to be released around the next “Paid Dues” Festival which is scheduled to occur on March 27.


This Sunday Murs will be performing at the Vibe in Riverside for tickets to the show visit the B-Side Shop located at 130 Shoppers Lane Covina, California 91723. The shop is also a great source for Reverie merchandise as well as merch from her boo and fellow MC Self Provoked.


Tickets to the upcoming Rhymefest LA which will be held on Feb. 15 and have Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan headlining are also available at the B-Side Shop.


by david-dee

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